Happy Gillis in Columbus Park offers simple, authentic food that is deeply satisfying. Join us as we enjoy the benefits of conscientious cooking at our next Live Local lunch.


Our internship teams work collaboratively with the executive board, fulfilling the mission and vision of Base KC as we serve our membership and the community at large.

The Business Alliance for a Sustainable Economy-Kansas City (BASE KC) is a non-partisan community of Kansas City businesses and individuals that use our voice, presence and power to play a critical and positive role for creating a better world. We believe that sustainable economic development is compatible with shared prosperity, environmental protection, and social justice.

For-Profit Businesses Using Their Impact for Good

Members of BASE KC aren’t afraid to lead with their values. We believe a strong local economy includes a commitment to our social and environmental impacts. Kansas City boasts a strong, entrepreneurial community of companies that are proud to make tangible steps toward building a better world.

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Member Benefits

From participating in networking and educational events to volunteering their time and talents to achieving our shared vision, members receive and create value through their BASE KC membership.

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Local, independent businesses are more accountable to customers and the community. Money spent at locally-owned businesses circulates longer in our local economy and increase the economic multiplier to grow prosperity in Kansas City’s communities.